Earth's countdown. What's going on!

I'm way ahead of you !!

Orion Program

P.S. Why  was the Orion Program (the Mars mission) shutdownThe Jetsons indefinitely, for at least 2 years?

A lot of us know why, but, in my humble opinion, I think that the Jetsons got there first.

Screw you NASA.



Too hot, too cold !!

Venus is too hot, Mars is too cold !! Whatever … You say that Venus is so hot that it will melt Space probelead if it gets too close. Whoo Hoo, nice to know. Remind me never to go there on my next weekend outing with the family… and yet NASA (ie. God) announces that they want to send a probe to the Sun and then crash into it!!

I thought you said that the temp. of Venus could melt lead? Don’t you think that the Sun would melt your shitty probe, long before it even gets close?

“No”, NASA says, “It is covered in gold foil”.

Wha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha …


We are told that we are so lucky that our Earth is just the right distance from the Sun and just the right distance from there and just the right weight to be… , what the freaking well else… Who says this??? Who are the experts? NASA scientists, I hear you say. They say that that planet over there is too hot, and that that planet over there is too cold. Who says? NASA? Can you or we prove them wrong? So does that make them right? NO. NASA !!!

BS. We live on Earth and there are trillions of others just like it. WE ARE NOT “lucky” to be here!! If we were not here we would be elsewhere.

“The Moon is make of cheese”, they announce. Who says? NASA. Do we believe them? Of course we do. Yes, of course, it’s NASA.

NASA is the people GOD…

Probes ? Up my …

Why are all these probes sending crystal-clear images of planets and star-systems back to NASA liarsEarth, in record time, and yet not one of the damn things can take a 2015 picture of our freaking ‘blue marble”.

“Blue Marble”, WTF??? Get a life NASA. We are not in kinder-garten. It’s our freaking planet you idiots!! A planet that you say we (the public) are destroying and must look after, yet it is YOU that are F… it up !! Bastards… Suck on that, NASA, Elite, Illuminuti asses !!

Rant over.

Black hole (in the head) !!

They say they’ve discovered a new black hole more that 10 billion light years away !!!

Bullshit !!Black Hole

Light, travelling at the speed of light, (obviously), will take 10 billion years to get either there or back… SO HOW THE FREAKING HELL can they claim to see it? let alone photograph it…

If it DID exist, then it may no longer (exist), and if it does still exist, then we will only know about it in 10 billion years time.


You NASA idiots need to find a black hole and get sucked in.

Sheeple. We believe – NOT !!

Illuminati pyramid

These are a few of the levels/layers of the Illuminati pyramid –Illuminati pyramid

Lawyers, police, military, judges, politicians, coroner’s office, social services, religious organisations, governments, community leaders, business leaders, media, medical … in no particular order.

Wasting your time

Concerts, musicals, shows, TV, radio, sit-coms, sports, reality shows, music, movies, videos, TV 3dvd’s, cell-phones, tablets, internet – what a waste of your valuable time; unless you are using the internet to study stuff…

The Corporate and Military, Billionaire, Elite Overlords are filling your brains with crap and valueless nonsense.

Read, research, illuminate your mind. Awake sheeple !!

Hollow Moon

MoonMy goodness, I have to wear glasses. No problem.

Yes, so at 400 meters, without my glasses, I struggle to see objects clearly, yet at 400,000 km I can see the Moon clearly, like Superman. It’s a miracle !!!

No, it’s a scam and your name is Truman.

We know…

Flat Earth

On direct flights from Auckland, New Zealand to Chili, South America, done at least ten times,Aircraft window shades about a 16 hour flight, the stewardesses refuse to let you open the window shades, and if you do then they are at your side within 3 seconds to get you to close them.

They say that the other passengers are sleeping. Don’t talk utter nonsense!!!

They have been instructed to do that as sheeple.

What the powers-that-be actually want is that you do not see what you are flying over. Yes, the flat-Earth, and the view of the Southern edge is a bit too revealing for us pleb, sheeple

Crazy? Wait.

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